Net Matrix 0.2
by Dennis Opacki

. What is Net Matrix?
Net Matrix is a set of Perl and PHP scripts written to monitor
the latency between a group of Cisco routers and provide graphical real-time
and historical representation of data gathered.

How does it work?
Net Matrix consists of two discreet pieces. The first piece, "rping", gathers
data by rsh-ing into a group of routers twice per hour and testing latency
from router to router. The second piece, "matrix", graphs the most current
sample in the form of a matrix. The individual matrix cells are color coded
based on latency or packet loss. Clicking on an individual cell brings up a
detailed historical graph of the past 24 hours for that specific path.

Why was it written?
Net Matrix was written for trend analysis and observation of complex Cisco
router IP networks. It provides a "dash board" view of the entire network
and aids in the identification of network hot spots.

What do I need to use it?
You need a Linux server running Apache and PHP (with GD compiled in). You
also need Perl, Expect and Awk interpreters on your machine.

Will it run under Windows {95,98,NT,2000}?

What does it look like?
Screen Shots:
Packet Loss Graph
Average Latency Graph
Individual Circuit Graph

Where do I get it?
Right here, of course!
Download netmatrix.tgz
Download netmatrix.tar.gz
Download netmatrix.tar

What's new in version 0.2?
The collection agent has been recoded to eliminate the expect and
awk scripts. now uses the Cisco "ip rcmd" knob to collect data
directly from all routers.

All visualization tools have been updated to support the PNG graphics format
as GIF is no longer supported in the GD libraries.

What if I have questions?
You can e-mail me at